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    Changing the model to more affordable-access medical education.

    I recently sent a tweet to the Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN) questioning the motive behind their twitter feed which often provides links to their latest journal articles. Unfortunately many of the links are not open access, meaning that the only information available to many nurses is the abstract page. @jadvnursing Im not sure if your tweets are more education or more ...

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    How to administer Actilyse (Alteplase) for acute ischaemic stroke.

    Alteplase (Actilyse) is a recombinant tissue plasminogen activator that breaks down clots by degrading the fibrin matrix. It is used in several clinical scenarios[1] including the management of acute ischaemic CVA. The controversy: The use of thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke remains a controversial intervention. Skeptics point to flaws in the methodology of published trials as well as potential bias from industry ...

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    In praise of the pre-filled syringe.

    I used to love Minijets. You know, those pre-filled syringes that are often used to deliver drugs in time critical situations [1] Narcan, glucose, adrenaline, all quick and convenient. No opening jagged ampoules. No drawing up drugs and diluting with saline. No having to hand write content stickers. Pop the blue cap. Pop the yellow cap. Screw the ends together and you ...

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    Meanwhile, Alison is doing this…

    Meanwhile Alison is doing this…. “I was one of the lucky nursing undergrads to do an elective unit some years ago in Vanuatu. The nursing staff there do so much with so little – our health system is incredibly wealthy and well resourced in comparison. Next month my partner and I (he’s a midwife & I’m an oncology nurse) are heading to ...

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    Weekly Review

    This is the first post from a new and hopefully regular contributor, Christopher Picard. Check out his bio at the bottom of the post and please make him welcome. Matthew Limb discusses an Israeli study that examined the impact of rudeness on medical team performance. The research led by Arieh Riskin determined that incivility amongst healthcare professionals negatively impacts team performance, and could ...

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