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    12-lead ECG basics in 5 minutes.

    A clean, clear introductory video explaining the basics of performing a systematic 12-lead ECG interpretation from the team over at EM in 5. If you have ever pondered the mysteries of a 12-lead print out, take 5 minutes to watch this video. It covers: Rate calculation. Rhythm interpretation. Axis calculation Normal intervals. Identifying ischemia (a VERY important skill if you are working ...

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    Hand washing and irritant contact dermatitis.

    Perhaps you have seen a colleague enduring the discomfort of red, dry, flaking, cracked hands resulting from constant hand washing at work. Some reports have estimated that up to 30% of health care workers may be afflicted with this problem, although a recent study of workers in Victoria found cases to be much lower (0.47%). There are two major types of skin ...

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    Developing a quality clinical handover.

    There are plenty of handover mnemonics and tools available to assist us provide a structured and comprehensive transfer of our patient care form one shift to another, or from one clinical area to another. Your own hospital may have such a tool in use already (here is one I quite like: SHARED). To be honest I am still searching for the perfect ...

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Vertical Nursing



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the Glass.


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