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    growing emotional intelligence in our trauma team nurses.

    In a paper for International Emergency Nursing, Natalie Holbery questions her own practice and teaching of trauma nursing following her experiences after her husband was injured in a car accident in London. What struck me when I first saw my husband was his vulnerability. The gown did little to secure his dignity or identify him as an individual and his pain was ...

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    Skilful speech.

    Some useful tips on improving your communication skills from Ken McLeod.   1. Take a breath before saying anything. Always. At the practical level, this tool ensures that we do not interrupt others. It also ensures that people will actually listen to what we have to say. An added benefit is that it may stop you from saying something you will later ...

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    the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS).

    A questionnaire given to a group of ICU nurses as part of a study into resilience training, found 100% of the nurses studied to be experiencing symptoms of anxiety. At first blush, this seems really high, and slightly disturbing. So how exactly did they measure this? The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) was originally developed to indicate possible anxiety and depressive ...

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Unit Xmas decorations 2014.

Its that time of year again. When medical (and support)  staff working at hospitals all over Australia, take 2 parts ingenuity and 2 parts inspiration to try to ...

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