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    What is this?

    A quick tip to try and minimise distractions and decrease the likelihood of error when checking medications and fluids.   ...

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    Nurse poll results.

    A couple of weeks back I posted a short poll on the state of play with respect to our professional experiences over the last 12 months. Now, I wouldn’t take home too much out of the results, this is just a spontaneous informal poll…but the results do make interesting reading and are quite different to what I expected. What do you think? ...

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    My experience of the National Emergency Access Targets.

    NEAT stands for National Emergency Access Targets. These targets fix a virtual 4 hour clock to each patents journey through Australian emergency departments (ED). Each patient must be admitted and located on an appropriate ward or discharged home within this time. There is now solid evidence that as hospitals move towards meeting their individual NEAT targets there is decreased ED overcrowding, improved ...

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    Badinage’s checklist for medical professionals.

    Now I am not a big fan of life improvement checklists. But if I was going to recommend one…this is it. The source is from a now long defunct blog that was called Badinage that I think was run by a nurse named Diana. Anyway, this was her own personal set of life goals. I thought that it was a pretty good ...

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    Out of the anxiety closet.

    The following is a guest post by Sarah Moore. Sarah is a displaced Londoner working the night shift in an Australian hospital as an Enrolled Nurse whilst studying Registered Nursing during the day. Likes include sleeping, tattoos, twitter, onesies, reading post-apocalypse sci-fi, day-dreaming and more sleeping.   Out of the blue, several positions came up in an area of the hospital that ...

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    6 habits to improve the performance of Medical Emergency Teams.

    Many hospitals today utilise Medical Emergency Teams (MET) to provide a rapid response resource for wards managing an acutely deteriorating patient or medical emergency. MET teams usually include critical care or specially trained nurses. In this paper published in Australian Critical Care, the use of shared mental models (SMM’s) is discussed to improve decision making and performance under stress, within MET teams ...

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    Book-end the shift with a team huddle.

    Before the shift. At the start of each shift we have what is called a Flash Handover. It takes place in our staff room, and is run by the senior nurse on the previous shift.  It is an opportunity for all the nurses to come together at the start of their shift and get a handle on the actual state of play ...

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    the struggle is real.


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    Nursing poll: state of the art.

    Please take a few seconds to complete this short poll looking at our personal feelings around our nursing experience over the last 12 months. Oh, and please free to add any additional comments, feelings or experiences at the bottom of the page. Featured image via Matt Biddulph ...

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    Using plastic pegs to improve communication of critical information.

    One of the constant complaints I hear from nurses is regarding doctors (or indeed other allied health workers including other nurses) communicating important medical directions or vital pieces of information by documenting them in the patient notes without informing the nurse directly, and assuming this information will definitely be read, and read within the relevant time frame. Ideally critical information should be ...

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