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    Along the Path 2

    Q&A part 2.

    In which I discuss life, death, beer, blogging, have a rant about mobile phones and curse my gag reflex.   Here is the link to the story ‘Canberra Firestorm’  that I mentioned in the video. ...

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    Along the Path 0

    Q&A part 1.

    In which I discuss my blogging, patient confidentiality, debriefing and end of life care….. ...

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  • during the 2015 Rugby World Cup Quarter Final match between New Zealand and France at Millennium Stadium on October 17, 2015 in Cardiff, United Kingdom.
    Nursing skills 1

    Better people makes better nurses.

    What have the All Blacks Rugby union team got to do with improving our nursing culture? Turns out….everything. So hang in with me here….. In an article published in Linkedin, Adam Daniel examined the leadership behind the All Blacks team. A team which currently has a win rate of 86% and has just won the World Cup. But it hasn’t always been ...

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    Weekly Review

    Brian Erikson hosted a couple of great guests on erNURSEpro. He discussed ED process improvement with Deb Delaney, and Delirium with Christina Shenvi. Deb Delaney had some insight on improving ED through-put and made some specific suggestions about internal queues, flow facilitation, use of mid level providers, streamlined ancillary services, room utilization, huddle & hand-off processes, and communication. I’ve seen several departments ...

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  • follow-up
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    The Chase-up team.

    Have you been wondering what happened to that patient of yours that crashed and was sent to ICU yesterday? What about Mr James, that post-op patient that you got on so well with and was discharged home whilst you were on days off? And I know you have been thinking about Mrs Gruber, that really difficult, demanding, obnoxious patient that was transferred ...

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