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    A beginners guide to interpreting an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG).

    Here is a short educational video I made a long time ago. It was intended as a beginners guide to interpreting an arterial blood gas. I attempted to cut through the confusion and make it simple enough for even me to understand. If you listen carefully you will hear my dog Smudge, who has absolutely no interest in ABG’s …. he just ...

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  • armveins
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    quick tip: how to take blood when you can’t find a vein.

    “They always, always have trouble getting blood from me”. How many times have you had a patient say this to you just as you are mentally psyching yourself up for that one-stab, perfect-hit, veinipuncture or cannulation to impress the new-grads? So you try the usual strategies such as: Hanging the arm below the heart level for a few seconds ‘gravity’ fill the ...

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  • airfree
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    quick tip: stop your IV bag running through.

    Here is a quick tip for preventing your IV bags from running through. You know, when you take your eyes off of the infusion for 5 minutes and it runs down past the drip chamber and all the way down to the pump (or the patient). This method can be used on ‘gravity fed’ infusions or when running infusions via a pump. ...

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Vertical Nursing



Funnybone 2

the Flatus Nurse.

You think junior nurses get the tough jobs now….. Military hospital, France 1945: the flatus nurse does her rounds. At precisely 7 AM each morning the flatus nurse ...

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