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    How do you feel about your patients pain?

    A study published in the journal of International Emergency Nursing has looked at the knowledge, attitudes and clinical decision making skills of emergency department nurses with respect to pain. Despite the study having been undertaken with a small sample size of 57 nurses across two hospitals in Turkey, the authors conclusion was…. Pain is a unique and subjective experience that is difficult ...

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    Air bubbles in your patients IV line?

    How do we prevent them. How do we get rid of them. And do we need to worry about them in the first place? In most cases, it will require at least 50 mL of air to result in significant risk to life, however, there are case studies in which 20 mLs or less of air rapidly infused into the patients circulation ...

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    12-lead ECG basics in 5 minutes.

    A clean, clear introductory video explaining the basics of performing a systematic 12-lead ECG interpretation from the team over at EM in 5. If you have ever pondered the mysteries of a 12-lead print out, take 5 minutes to watch this video. It covers: Rate calculation. Rhythm interpretation. Axis calculation Normal intervals. Identifying ischemia (a VERY important skill if you are working ...

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Vertical Nursing



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the Flatus Nurse.

You think junior nurses get the tough jobs now….. Military hospital, France 1945: the flatus nurse does her rounds. At precisely 7 AM each morning the flatus nurse ...

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