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  • evil_smile
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    when good people must care for bad people.

    There are occasional times, as nurses, when our duty of care falls upon people who we may feel do not deserve it. When this does occur, most nurses are more than capable of compartmentalising any unexamined reactions, opinions or prejudices and responding with the non-judgmental care our profession demands. When you are a nurse, it is not about you. But what about ...

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  • obese_pt
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    Perioperative management of the obese patient.

    Patients that are obese present a unique set of challenges and considerations in their peri-operative nursing management. And its more than just the issues of preventing pressure wounds and performing physical re-positioning. In the UK alone between 2002 & 2012 there was an eleven-fold increase in the number of patients admitted to hospital with a primary diagnosis of obesity. An open access ...

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  • tedeytan
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    When patients say thanks (and we don’t remember them).

    There are plenty of people we care for that we will never, ever forget. But sometimes we simply just dont recognise them all. Perhaps you have experienced it. That moment when you are out (usually on your days off), perhaps in the frozen food section of the supermarket, or on an escalator, or perhaps sitting on a park bench…and someone comes up ...

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  • emergency_breath
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    When the SHIfT hits the fan.

    When the SHIfT really hits the fan: you may not have the time to go off and mentally prepare or calm yourself down. A medical emergency. An escalating violent patient. Breaking bad news. Managing your own internal stress meltdown.  What you don’t want to do is react. What you do want to do is respond. The sudden stresses placed upon you can ...

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