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  • Postural_modification_to_the_Valsalva_manoeuvre_for_supraventricular_tachycardia_-_YouTube
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    effective reversion of SVT using this simple manoeuvre.

    A must watch for the emergency department nurses. At just over 2 minutes duration, this video shows the results of a new study published in the Lancet on the effectiveness of a simple modification to the standard Valsalva manoeuvre to revert supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). The study concluded: In patients with supraventricular tachycardia, a modified Valsalva manoeuvre with leg elevation and supine positioning ...

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  • ernesthemingway2
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    some advice from Ernest Hemingway.

    Some simple advice for every nurse to take note of from Ernest Hemingway. ...

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  • Head_nurses
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    Nurses performing oral sex on paralysed patients in 1970’s.

    [warning: sexually explicit content and language ahead] Now I have heard stories about this kind of stuff ever since I began nursing. But I always assumed it was a demeaning urban myth that promoted the sexualisation and subjugation of our profession.. I was totally gobsmacked when I stumbled across this report. I relate it here to see if any other nurses have ...

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    Quick tip. Layer your gloves in an emergency.

    Here is a quick tip for critical care nurses or any nurse involved in a ‘messy’ time critical situation. During the management of multi-trauma or other clinical emergencies wearing gloves is a mandatory part of our personal protective equipment (PPE). The problem is, you often find yourself coming into contact with blood and other body fluids AND needing to manipulate or interact ...

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    How to hang an IV bag (in 28 simple steps).

    Here is my personal evidence based, step-by-step guide to hanging IV fluids. Check fluid order sheet. Get correct fluids and IV pump from storage area. Spend 5 min looking for a nurse who is free to double check & sign the fluid order sheet. Consider hanging the fluids anyway. Think better of it, and spend another 5 minutes waiting for a counter-sign. ...

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