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    Perioperative management of the obese patient.

    Patients that are obese present a unique set of challenges and considerations in their peri-operative nursing management. And its more than just the issues of preventing pressure wounds and performing physical re-positioning. In the UK alone between 2002 & 2012 there was an eleven-fold increase in the number of patients admitted to hospital with a primary diagnosis of obesity. An open access ...

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    Delirium: the families experience.

    It is thought that in Australia between 10–15% of elderly patients are delirious at the time they are admitted to hospital with up to 40% experiencing delirium at some time whilst admitted. Delirium may be described as: “a transient mental disorder, characterised by impaired cognitive function and reduced ability to focus, sustain or shift attention” It is often quick to develop and ...

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    Tips on male catheterisation.

    How to catheterise a male: Find the penis. Stick it in. Actually, it is a little more complicated that that. heads up: The normal male urethra leaves the bladder at the trigone. It then passes through the prostate, burrows its way down the length of the penis and emerges at the tip of the glans. Note: insertion of a catheter is contraindicated ...

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Vertical Nursing



Funnybone 1

the Hairbrush.

“An emergency department nurse, preoccupied with a particularly delicate situation finds her patience tested by a disgruntled patient. ” Directed by Samantha Clutsom, this entry was the Winner ...

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